Bumble and bumble’s website redesign was born from the need for the cult leading brand to modernize digitally. Goals included: functionality to support commerce and dynamic content, a custom CMS for ease of maintenance, a new style guide, and optimal UX for modern devices.

Since the 2017 launch, sales have increased by 15% and engagement has doubled.

New features of the redesign include: responsive design, integrated blog with content and commerce, interactive style guides, a new lookbook, shoppable UGC integration, and new product photography.

Interactive and educational guides assist consumer in finding relevant product, content, and inspiration. Shown above: Bb.Hairsprays and Bb.Curl finder.

L2 acknowledged the interactive Bb.Curl finder as ‘best-in class’ one-click diagnostic.

The Bumble and bumble lookbook was a historically ‘screengrabbed’ (and sometimes printed..) resource handed to salon stylists for cuts, color, and updos.  With the redesign, we wanted to keep the mecca of inspiration, and double down on looks, features, and UX—providing more content, recipes, product recommendations and filters to quickly find relevant looks (in the stylist’s chair or at home). The interface was designed based on consumer trends and behavior, taking notes from instagram’s interface viewing options of grid or stacked content, with ease to send, save, or show your stylist with a quick tap.
See it here.

The Bumble and bumble lookbook was a Webby 2018 Honoree for best visual design and function.